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Virtex Edge Design

Finding I had more time on my hands recently, I decided it was time to start a video game company. I started Virtex Edge Design, as a gaming development, animation, and interactive entertainment company. With years of experience among a smattering of almost every other 3D environment in use in the industry as well a breadth of knowledge in C++ and C#, it allows Virtex to be a multi-disciplinary company.

There are currently 3 projects in development, using an in-house developed engine called ‘Vertex’, which will be coming to PC and Linux as well as Mobile platforms.

Metric Racer and Comixs will be coming out by the end of 2015, with Euclidean coming out mid-2016.

I’ll be posting development progress of the vertex engine on this blog as it progresses, as well as making announcements through both blogs.


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