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It’s been a little over 3 weeks since I left Canada, Although you wouldn’t tell by the coffee shop I’m sitting in, I could easily confuse for one back home. Is it the faux brick walls, or the soft jazz, or the 7 dollar coffee; If you were to drop me in here, the only real change would be my order from “a double double” too “coffee chu say oh”. Maybe it’s the internet, it connects everything. I can sit in a street corner in Seoul and facetime my sister back in Toronto. But for all these little creature comforts that remind me of home that I’ve searched out, there are 10 city blocks that remind me I certainly am not in Kansas any more.

I started a dedicated travel blog, and that blog, like this trip, is something that has been on the back boiler plate for a long while. A little over two months ago I left my job in Montreal, I subleased my apartment, got rid of my car, sold anything of value, gave away what didn’t go, and decided it was time to set off.

If you want to read about my travels, you can head on over here.

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